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Georgia Community Risk Reduction

Creative Education Ideas

With limited access to schools due to COVID-19, many department leaders are requesting that public education personnel create videos. We want to create something more personalized and interactive.

Ring Neighbors App


  • Use the Georgia Unified Community Risk Reduction guide on to fit school education into the curriculum. Work with the school and Zoom or Skype into Classrooms
  • Have a video but then have Interaction during Q and A through Zoom or Skype
  • If the classroom is on a lower level go to their window and call into the teacher, especially if doing friendly firefighter be careful of other windows that can see as well.
  • Try to go in the schools. May have to only be one person and may have to wear a mask. Others can still show the engine outside. No large assemblies.
  • Flat Sparky to send to school and take pictures – NFPA
  • School Fire Drill – instead of being inside, talk to the group outside after it is over and compare the school drill to what they need to have at home.


  • Safety info with delivery service bags
  • Use the marquee from different local theaters
  • Safety coloring Sheets with Kids Menus
  • Safety info that banks can hand out
  • Fire Prevention Parade
  • Driveway Safety Art Contest – Winners get certificate and goodies
  • Firefighter Cookbook and have educational information mixed in
  • Outdoor movie nights
  • Live weekly event highlighting a safety message like Theo Thursday with DeKalb Fire.
  • Send safety info and activities with lunches for kids that go out through rec departments and schools
  • Drive-thru educations with different stops that safety messages are given to each vehicle and goodies (touch a truck)
  • Reading books virtually
  • Drive-in Movie night in Car
  • Modified tours for smaller groups, sign up online for more personalized tours. Could just have the engine outside and explain what they could see through the windows if want to leave the group outside.
  • If your department doesn’t have something, another department may and could swap assistance.